Friday, April 18, 2014

Kai Lenny Wins in Dubai

After 3 days of intense action at Wadi Adventure Park in the UAE, it all came down to one final heat: 3 lefts, 3 rights and 3 closeouts as 3x World Champion Kai Lenny (Naish) from Maui stepped it up a gear to secure his first win of the season here at the Abu Dhabi All Stars Grand Slam.

The final was one to remember, as the 2 on form surfers of the event, Sean Poynter (Starboard) from Florida and Kai Lenny (Naish) battled it out to the bitter end, going wave for wave in the completely unique format that the Abu Dhabi All Stars provides.

Despite considering himself weaker on his backhand, Kai rode 2 flawless lefts to start off the exchange, with scores in the excellent range, making it a chasing game for the on form Sean Poynter, as Sean attacked the rights and closeouts with everything he had to achieve the 9.27 he needed to take the win.

But it all came down to a last wave of Sean to get the score, as Kai waited for his last wave and turns of the event. In the end, Sean’s score was not enough, as Kai executed a perfect air reverse into 360 by way of a victory lap before getting carried out of the pool by his team mates. A great result for the 3x World Champion after a disappointing finish in Brazil, relighting his competitive fire as we move into the World Series component of the Abu Dhabi All Stars Grand Slam.

Sean Poynter (Starboard) was without doubt the on form surfer of the event, posting some of the highest scores of the event through all his heats, linking critical and controlled turns together for an explosive display of progressive Stand Up Paddlesurfing.

In the quarters, he took down fellow teammate and Abu Dhabi All Star in 2013, Zane Schweitzer, before dispatching the young phenom Mo Freitas (Focus SUP) in the semis. In the Finals, he put up a good fight, but didn’t find the flawless form he had had through the event, unable to match this year’s Abu Dhabi All Stars Champion.

Mo Freitas (Focus SUP) put on a clinic of full rail surfing here at this year’s Abu Dhabi All Stars, driving full power turns off the bottom through the lip, and carving roundhouses like no-one else. He made it all the way to the semis, only falling short by the smallest of margins to Sean Poynter (Starboard).

Once again, a real testament to his potential on the World Championship Tour – at just 17 years old, he has a bright future ahead of him.


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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Video has emerged of Kelly Slater surfing within centimetres of what looks very much like a shark in Western Australia.

Watch it here. Involuntary shivers guaranteed.


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Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Aloha Friday

Mahalo to Cameron Brooks for sharing this incredible photo of a rainbow around Diamond Head!

Cameron took this photo back in December 2013. What a day and sight that must have been!

Happy Aloha Friday!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Hans Hedemann Surf’s Main Shop is in the Park Shore Hotel Waikiki

Park Shore Hotel Waikiki (Main Shop)

Address: 2586 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815
Phone Number: (808) 926-7778
Located Nearby: ABC Stores, Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, Honolulu Zoo

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Ten wish kids from across the nation had the ride of a lifetime as they surfed their way through an unforgettable week in Kauai, meeting their idol, Bethany Hamilton!

Arriving on a beautiful day in Kauai, ten wish families were welcomed to the “Bethany Hamilton Surf Camp” by a traditional Hawaiian hula dance and ukulele music. Excited wish kids and their families joined together for a welcome dinner where everyone got to know each other.  Dinner was followed by a group activity where thank you cards were hand-crafted for their idol.

Elizabeth and Gemma with BethanyThe next day, the kids experienced their dream come true – they spent an entire day surfing with Bethany Hamilton! With the help of a team of professional surfers, the entire crew of kids and their families caught rolling waves in Hanalei Bay alongside Bethany. Every single child felt the thrill of standing up on their board and riding barrels to shore! Everyone was impressed by the natural talent of the kids – especially Bethany! For the next few days, surf lessons were scheduled along with many other exciting activities.

From paddling with the Hanalei Canoe Club to tubing down the mountain through open canals and tunnels, the families adventured through the island’s hidden gems. A traveling petting zoo was even brought to the kids – goats, rabbits, turtles and many other animals were set-up for the kids to play with. A movie night was also arranged for the families, where they watched Bethany’s story unreel on film. As “Soul Surfer” played, the kids huddled together on the ground  laughing in concert with each other – the former strangers had now become friends.

One-on-one quality time with Bethany followed the viewing, during which each of the ten kids spent time with the kind-hearted surfer. Conversations of big waves, sharks and surfing were overheard as each child sat down with Bethany in her backyard.

It was a special moment for the children as well as their families. “To watch the joy on Arianna’s face as she met with Bethany was a dream come true for us as well,” said Miguel Torrente, Arianna’s dad.

A custom-made Make-A-Wish® Hawaii surfboard was signed by the ten wish kids and Bethany at the end of the night. The keepsake commemorated Make-A-Wish Hawaii’s first “Bethany Hamilton Surf Camp”!

The camp concluded with a proper trophy presentation given to all participating wish kids. The awards were all well-deserved, but the biggest gift of all was the relationships that were built after the week-long experience. At the start of the camp, wish kid Grace said, “I’m here to make friends”, and that’s exactly what she and every other participant did. Their shared passion led to a shared experience and shared memories that will last a lifetime. Before parting ways, the families said their goodbyes, embracing one another with the genuine hope that they will all someday be reunited again as one big soul surfing OHANA.

Special Thanks: Bethany Hamilton & the Hamilton Family, Hawaiian Airlines, Hanalei Canoe Club, Kauai Back Country Adventure, Wong’s Traveling Zoo, Hawaii Life Property Management, Keiki productions LLC, Rip Curl, Roxy/Quicksilver, Hurley, DaKine, Blueplanet, Honey Girl, Hanalei Land Company, Tamatea Nui O Kauai, Planet Sun Hawaii, Hawaii Sand Castle, Project Aloha, HIC, Kukui Nut Lei Company, Sector 9, The Green Apple LLC, Island Princess, JCV Walsh, Mike Coots, Joel Guy, Tiana Gamble, Firefox, Island Princess, Curtis Miyashiro, Bryce Yamashita and surf instructors Russel, Evan, Mike, Kalani, Kaimi and Rochelle. 

The fact that Bethany and the others spent every minute they could with the kids and their families is a testament to the love they all have for the human spirit.”

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— Arianna’s dad, Miguel

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Aloha Friday from Hans Hedemann Surf

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Andy Irons Day

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Rest in Paradise Brother Jesse

Close friend of Hans Hedemann Surf School, Jesse, passed away from inoperable cancer.

We were lucky to have shared many waves and good days together.

Aloha O’e Jesse

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tribute to 10 years of surf instructing, farewell and good luck Donnelly!

James Donnelly began surf instructing for Hans Hedemann Surf School 10 years ago and quickly became an asset to our company with his positive attitude, aptitude to learn, excitement to share his passion for surfing, and his handle of the Japanese language.  Growing up in Florida, James began surfing at 15 in St. Augustine and fell in love with the sport.  After college, living in Japan for a few years, and then holding a couple office jobs James found he missed the water and discovered surf instructing as his new calling.

For the past 7 years in addition to being a certified surf instructor Donnelly managed our Waikiki location in the Park Shore Hotel.  His lovely wife Emiko joined the HHsurf team at this time to assist James out of the water.  The Donnelly Duo dedicated 7 long years to Hans Hedemann Surf School and for that we are grateful.

James is gifted at working with children of all ages and young kids love to go tandem surfing with him.  James’ favorite lessons were with children from the Make-A-Wish program; it warmed his heart fulfilling wishes and teaching surfing to these kids.  The children and their families were always so appreciative of the experiences they had surfing with James.  His work with the Make-A-Wish program led him to a wonderful opportunity to make it his full time job to make these kids wishes come true.  This October he was offered a job as Director of Development for Make-A-Wish Hawaii; we were sad to see him go, but very happy for him in finding his next calling.  We hope to have some guest appearances from James on the weekends now and again for a little bit of surf instructing, but his new job is keeping him busy.

Thanks again to James and Emiko for all their hard work and for all the good memories!  Best of luck!  We hope to see you around :)

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